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Atlas Copco (Copco from Compagnie Pneumatique Commerciale) is a Swedish multinational industrial company that was founded in 1873. It manufactures industrial tools and equipment.The Atlas Copco Group is a global industrial group of companies headquartered in Nacka, Sweden. In 2019, global revenues totaled SEK 104 billion, and by the end of that year the company employed about 38,774 people.

A current production assembler mentioned in a review: "Atlas Copco does not care about the employees they just care about the bottom line. The company has bad supervisors all they worry about is there bonuses. They will lie to you in your face and do exactly the opposite. It has changed for the worse over the years that I have been there. The only good thing is the insurance."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"An environment of division between teams and management"

Current Employee - Prefer Not to Say says

"I cannot figure out how this company is still making money (North America), the company is poorly run on a day-to-day basis and I don't see any corporate vision about what Atlas is doing to remain competitive. Departments don't work together, many people seem like they don't know how to function in their roles and the people that do try to adapt to the changes in the industry quickly get shut down by management. I don't know how this place makes any money, its run like a free for all. Some people are very incapable in their roles and it's troubling that nothing is done to improve the situation. Location of their offices is also somewhat strange, as their not near any major metro area (may explain the lack of ability to attract new hires). I really wish things would change, as there is so much money and potential to be had and made, they just need proper leadership and management. The corporate propaganda you watch makes you think you're working for a different company vs what you'll see on a daily basis."

Former Employee - Design Engineer says

"Novice management, permanently living in reaction mode, didn't have the will to acknowledge the facts. Moreover, the company is run predominantly by Sales who sees and decides based on quarterly numbers instead of long term goals. Lost considerable business opportunities lead to 30% workforce reduction..."


"This big corporation will drag you along throughout the hiring process without remorse. It took them 7 months from when I had my first interview, to now when I had to reach out repeatedly (5 times) over the course of a week before they told me I got the job. First they were going to let me know before Halloween, then thanksgiving, then Christmas, then after the holidays, and now they won’t even answer. It was reminds me of an ex girlfriend that wont break up with you but won’t let you hang out either. It was an obvious tactic to keep me on a leash while they look for other people. I’ve been drug around more than once with other companies and they all turned out to be companies I didn’t want to work for. The people in Chattanooga need to get it together."

Former Employee - Office Employee says

"The Management Team is arrogant, always too busy, and rarely responds. They are constantly making changes to give them something to do regardless if it's an improvement or not. Most the changes generally end up adding additional work. While this is rarely communicated to the teams that need to perform the new tasks. The higher level managers are never around and unapproachable when they are there. The culture is terrible most employees are unhappy, and it seems they are constantly trying to fill positions to replace the constant flow of employees leaving the company for better opportunities."

Former Employee - Service Support says

"We all (5 of us in a row) sat very close to each other, which you would think would make communication very easy. Wrong. The only communication with each other was through Jabber (like a message app) or through email. If you were stuck, confused or having a trouble with something you had to, almost every time, wait for a response to an email. Even though they could just turn around to help you. They wanted a visual of what you were asking like they needed proof that you were the one who was doing it wrong, to keep themselves out of trouble. That it was YOUR fault not theirs. Worst of all they would get mad if you were shown something wrong. They would wait till it became a larger problem, then they would send you a nasty email telling you messed up and screwed up a process. And in turn causing problems with other peoples jobs. So instead of explaining what you did wrong and helping you fix your mistake, so you could learn for them. They would just fix it for you and make you feel bad for doing something wrong or not understanding it in the first place."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not enough training and training was inconsistent was told after a month and a half to improve or else didnt even get a 90 day probation period. I thought this was Accounts Payable NOT Rocket Science but it sure is there. RUN!!!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I agree 100% with other review. Not treated equally. Bullying & harassment is commonplace. If you call corporate to have it taken care of, because HR won't, they will find a reason to fire you"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No information share between experienced employee, "I don't know" is the common sentence"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

""Job preservation" mode here. Social drama. Bitter employees afraid of losing their jobs, unrecognized, or turned down for promotions given to less experienced, younger or favored. Unqualified managers don't manage or communicate. No long term future growth or opportunity; performance reviews are a farce. Negative behavior is rewarded. Generally a depressing place to work."

Técnico (Former Employee) says

"no se recomienda porque si se denuncia la corrupción la gerencia toma represarias y favocere al personal corrupto y prefieren contratar en gerencias a los extranjeros de venezuela"

Production Assembler III (Current Employee) says

"The company does not care about the employees they just care about the bottom line. The company has bad supervisors all they worry about is there bonuses. They will lie to you in your face and do exactly the opposite. It has changed for the worse over the years that I have been there. The only good thing is the insurance"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"The worst company I EVER worked for. Work seven days a week with low pay. Employees come in the door making the same or more than the people that been there for years"

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Horrible working conditions, production operators got the worst of it. Long hours and 6 days a week mandatory when i was working there. mandatory 12 hour shifts for 5 days a week and on the 6th day it was mandatory 8 hours.Overtimeshort lunch, no promotions"

Production Assembler (Current Employee) says

"this is the most unorangainzed place i have worked in Rock Hill SC They hire through temp service and tell you you will be hired in 90 days thats a lie they will hire people that come in behind you and a point system thats a joke it there to keep you from advanceing good ole boy deal there they need a unionthey give you pizza and doughnuts and no raisesThe hole Rock hill Oraganization"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"I did not like working for this place they treat you like ur not a human or an aldult plus they r very race jugementel they put the wrong people in charge to far away from the city plus they say u can use days off but when you go to use them if ur not there friend they will not giv you time off the human reasoures people r a jokenonedont work here nobody likes there job"

Forging (Former Employee) says

"This place is nothing but a big joke! Management and supervisors are all stuck up and think there above everyone. Team leaders are Clueless to everything. If they don't get there way they accuse and threaten you, not professional at all, no communication. HR doesn't help you out at all, very childish behavior, and pay isn't that good.NoneEverything"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"Harassment from co workers and management did nothing. It was clear that it was taking place and all management did was laugh it off and look the other way. Terrible work environment. Too clicky!!!!"

Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't recommend working a Henrob. Not only is it a stressful environment but they tell you that once the training is over that they will send you home to an assignment. Instead you end up traveling all over the US to different Ford plants. If you have a wife and a family or your ex military and are trying to stay at home with your family, then this isn't the place for you. I wouldn't recommend my worst enemy to work here."

Line Worker (Current Employee) says

"The leadership here is non-existent. Supervisors, flow coaches, line leads, are put into positions based on relationships instead of experience, knowledge, and even worse basic competence. No one takes ownership of situations, all of the management (mid-level management at least) practices "passing the buck". Line employees are treated as expendable, no attempts made toward motivation, and they are consistently talked down to. Moved into a new building and apparently had no strategy at all for implementing production, or had an insufficient plan at best. The culture is one of extreme murmuring and complaining as everyone has a story of incompetence to tell. The plans of production are marginal at best as they have plans to ramp up production in this facility to approx double. The only thing that will double will be employee frustration, horrible leadership, and a culture that is in no way geared toward meeting expected goals. This has been my absolute worse experience every working for a company of this magnitude. Corporate needs to clean house, getting rid of all mid-level management, institute leadership training, smart goals, and motivational skills. BASIC BUSINESS PRACTICE!!!vacation for full time employeesHorrible leadership, negative culture"

Line Leader (Former Employee) says

"horrible pay have to work twelve hours 7 days just to put gas in my car. staff sucks . they don't care about employees. cant go to bathroom without gtting in trouble"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Mental torture. Inconsistent decisions. Unethical behavior of managers. Incompetent managers. No matter how hard work you do on the products development. The manufacturing people would never follow the instructions or procedures and finally the product does not come out as it is designed.brand nameegomaniac design manager"

Former employee (Former Employee) says

"There is no advancement or raises unless you happen to be one of the special employees. Benefits and compensation is not equal across pay grade levels. Some employees are told of special benefits such as paid gym memberships while others are denied this opportunity. Some employees are granted extended lunch times consistently while others are micro managed and reprimanded for being 5 minutes late. Do not work for this horrible company.Peers are good peopleEverything"

Responsable de marca y Comunicación (Former Employee) says

"Los colegas eran fantásticos, congeniamos. Me encanta trabajar en equipo. Lo que más me gustó de este trabajo fue que podía realizar muy diferentes tipos de actividad ejecucional en diferentes áreas de comunicación y trabajar con equipos multidisciplinares.Diversidad de accionesPlazos cortos"

Shift leader/Heat Treat Operator (Former Employee) says

"There is know room for advancement at this company,there raise are very small even if you work hard there ,the machines are in very bad condition and unsafe.They say there is a bonus once a year,but they try to find reason why they dont have to give it to you.dont work thereunfair company"

after seals technician (Former Employee) says

"It was avery bad company cheating costemers bad work no tools and all of that it was one of gaddaffi fake company."

Purchasing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor senior management and HR, too busy looking at their retirement pension with little knowledge of daily operational activities, your initial probationary period could extend to over 12 months due to senior management restructuring"

Sales Engineer (Former Employee) says

"There was a severe lack of training and management in general was very poor with no vision for the future. They really just wanted you to work your tail off and throe mud on the wall to see if any of it would stick. Marketing materials were lack luster as well. This company is very old school. There were no modern reporting tools. Did everything on a spreadsheet or wrote it down by hand a "call sheet". They made a lot of promises upfront that they never intended to keep as I found out.There were not anyThere was a severe lack of training, Management in general was very poor with no vision for the future, They really just wanted you to throw mud on the wall to see if any of it would stick, Marketing materials were lack luster as well, This company is very old school, There were no modern reporting tools, Did everything on a spreadsheet or wrote it down by hand a "call sheet", They made a lot of promises upfront that they never intended to keep as I found out"

Production (Former Employee) says

"This company in New Hudson has awful management and awful supervisors.. they pick and choose who they want to advance without regard to Ability experience or work ethic this is a terrible place to workNoneManagment supervosors"

Shipping and Receiving (Former Employee) says

"No accountability, no discipline, stressful, raises stink, leadership is highly unqualified, being lied to daily by management, lousy equipment.. the leadership at this company is a running daily joke.. They put %95 of their business in 1 customer, and when, not if, when they screw this up AGAIN, this company could close room for growthNoneAll of the above"

Bob says

"Not one single operation or service manual online. Sine it was early I tried the service in England. They said they could only help companies in England. The USA site had a live online help person who only could do nothing. No help at all. Just forward to people who didn\'t answer. I\'m baffled why a modern huge company won\'t put the manuals online like everyone else?"

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